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Meet the Coach

I am passionate about sports and physical activity. I grew up as a soccer player in Italy, playing for my hometown’s professional team. After moving to San Diego with my family I started training and competing in Multisport events and have completed numerous Triathlons, from Sprint to Ironman. I believe One on One coaching provides the best pathway to Optimal Performance on race day. Every athlete is different in their physiology, strengths, weaknesses and response to training. In my opinion, a tailored and personalized approach is the only way to achieve optimal results.

“What gets measured gets improved!”

My coaching and training approach is predicated on the belief that quantitatively driven training provides the most likely path to success. This process is based on creating an unbiased and objective assessment of an athlete, their strengths and weaknesses measured against goals and objectives. Only once this is done can a training plan truly be designed that will be both tailored to the athlete and focused on their goals.

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