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Training Plans, In Depth Data Analysis or One on One Coaching

Every athlete is unique and will require a different solution. I offer Training plans and In Depth Data Analysis as well as One on One Coaching. My One on One Coaching is based on the premise that every athlete needs a unique approach. From the most driven athletes who require unlimited access to their coach to discuss training files regularly to the athletes who are looking for a custom plan but don't want quite so much communication, my coaching will adapt to work for you!

Commitment Discount

Consistency and Commitment are the key to performance improvement when training, so I will reward athletes who make the commitment to consistency.

Buy 11 months of  One-on-One Coaching and the 12th is free!

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Platinum Coaching Package

You will start off with a presentation by me that will include:

• Training and athletic history
• Racing Performance Goals

           • Triathlon

           • Cycling

           • Running
• Power Profile

• Fatigue Profile Analysis
• Testing and Training Zones 

Your Coaching Package will include:

• Personalized Training Plan
• TrainingPeaks Premium account
• In Depth Analysis using WKO4

• Race Planning with BestBikeSplit
• Workouts e-mailed to you daily
• Unlimited texts/emails per month (answered within 48 hours)
• Training Plan revisions as needed
• Calls to assess training when needed.

• Call before big events.

• Help with nutrition accountability through TrainingPeaks if needed.

You will also receive:

• Discounts on partner products
• Discounts on custom apparel 

• Discounts on training camps

Coaching Terms

Six month contract then month to month

The Cost

• Cycling $299/month
• Running $279/month
• Triathlon $349/month
• A one time $99 startup fee will added to your first coaching payment as a separate charge.

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Training Plans


Not ready for a coach yet? Check out my pre-built training plans.

  These plans are built for specific distance events and take into consideration your current fitness. All plans are structured with Power and Heart Rate for cycling  and with GPS (or Power) and Heart Rate for running. They draw from my experience and knowledge as well as the latest science. All plans include specific testing protocols to regularly update your training zones to ensure you are constantly pushing yourself and are stressing your body in the adequate manner to elicit the training adaptations that will make you a better athlete. These plans are the perfect way to introduce structure and consistency to your training if you are not yet ready for full-fledged One on One coaching. They are sure to improve your performance.

Find your Training Plan

In-Depth Data Analysis


If you are not ready for One-on-One  coaching but but would like some insights into your current abilities to  guide your training, I will provide a full Data Analysis. You will need  Power and Heart Rate data for the bike and Power/Pace and Heart Rate  data for the run. The first step will be a conversation where I will  inquire about your past training and racing as well as your training and  racing goals going forward.  With that knowledge and access to your  data I will perform an in depth analysis to assess your current  strengths and weaknesses, likely potential going forward,  Power/Pace/Heart Rate training zones and areas that may be holding you  back and need more attention. I will e-mail you the results with  attached charts and reports. There will also be a follow-up call of up  to 60 minutes where we can further discuss the results and I can answer  your questions.

The cost is $199. If you decide to  purchase 6 months of  Platinum One-on-One coaching  services within 3 months of your Data Analysis, your $199 fee will be  applied to your first coaching payment.

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