What my Athletes are Saying

William, New Canaan, CT


Marco Nicoli has been a pleasure to work with and I got very  good results much sooner than expected. I am 41 and although I’ve ran  many triathlons in my 30’s I took an 8 year hiatus to focus on work and  family. I’ve returned and immediately started to work with Marco on  getting back in race shape.

Marco is really knowledgeable, super responsive and very easy to  communicate and deal with. He is constantly finding ways to make  training fun and challenging while adapting to my work/family schedule  (sometimes on the fly). His training schedule is demanding but got me  where I wanted, which is being competitive and fight for podiums on age  group races, pretty fast. I highly recommend Marco if you are starting  (as he has a pretty strong technical background) or looking to take your  triathlon fitness to the next level as he knows how to challenge and  motivate an athlete.

Christian Leeuw


It is a great pleasure and honor for me to write this letter of  recommendation for Marco Nicoli for promotion to the next level of  Triathlete, Cyclist, and Endurance Coach. I have known Marco for the  past 3 years and He has coached me for the past year. In my experience  Marco optimizes the athlete’s race/event performance and the overall  training experience.

I am an endurance athlete of 10+ years, and have had other  professional coaching over that time. In working with Marco I found that  my previous coaching relationships provided value, but fell short of  the high fidelity work/life balance - while still achieving personal  bests - that an athlete enjoys under Marco’s care.
Marco’s plan is built specifically for, and unique to the individual  athlete, and then constantly edited to meet the ever changing physical,  mental, and circumstantial stress state of that athlete. Marco is always  soliciting specific input from the athlete based on what he is  analyzing in the data and athlete logs. Rather than just ask “how do you  feel,” Marco uses his extensive biophysical knowledge to ask about  specifics. Even without a response from the athlete, the training plan  adjusts. Most importantly He always has a positive alternative for  whatever setbacks the athlete encounters - life, fatigue, or injury. In  my case we worked through two physical setbacks (Calf injury, and  extensive work travel) that I had assumed would have an unmitigated  negative impact on my event. Instead with Marco’s guidance we found  effective alternate training outlets and maintained a positive attitude  throughout. That leadership, knowledge, and positivity directly enabled  me to have an IM 70.3 personal best run time on a course I have raced  twice before.

All of Marco’s superior communication and leadership wouldn’t be  worth what it is, without his incredible depth of personal training  experience, and his seemingly bottomless knowledge of training and  adaptation. A self-professed “data geek,” He is constantly analyzing the  state of his athletes and how best to apply all that he knows for the  benefit of the Athlete.

Please do not hesitate to contact me at any time to further discuss  what it’s like to have a best coaching asset out there - Marco Nicoli -  on your team!

Best Regards

Joe Doerr


It is my absolute pleasure to recommend Marco Nicoli

Marco Nicoli and I have known each other for over 15 years.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time working with Marco, and came to know him  as a truly valuable coaching asset to my triathlon training as an age  group triathlete. He is honest, dependable and incredibly hard-working.  Beyond that, he is an impressive individual with a strong analytical  mind who is always available to provide detailed examination and  assistance.

His knowledge of the sport of triathlon and expertise in cycling was a  huge advantage to my training. He put this skillset to work in order to  help me achieve my race-specific goals.

Along with his undeniable talent, Marco has always been an absolute  joy to work with. He is a true professional, and always manages to  foster positive feedback. He brought out the best in me in many ways.  Whether it was in training or in a designated race, our professional  relationship flourished because I had routinely reached my targeted  goals.

Please feel free to contact me at (310) 529-6349 should you like to  discuss Marco’s qualifications and experience further. I’d be happy to  expand on my recommendation.

Best wishes

Andrés R. Gómez


When I first met Marco, I was frustrated with my current coach and  he was quick to diagnose why and give pointers to help make my training  more effective.

After a couple of months of following his advice and doing various  training sessions together, I decided to take the plunge and hire him as  my coach.

His extreme knowledge and use of the quantitative approach, where  numbers are what is used as a basis for measurement is the one thing  that sold me. Not to mention his own results or his own personality.

Marco is always willing to help in any way he can and was open to  working with me on whatever level needed. Our coach/athlete relationship  was always evolving and we would work together to achieve whatever goal  I was after. 

If you are looking for someone who understands what it takes to  improve at any level, has the time to dedicate to you and is constantly  looking for ways to improve. Marco is your Coaching option.