In Depth Data Analysis



Are you progressing towards your goals? 

Is your progress specific to your upcoming race/event demands? 

Are there areas you could focus on to enhance your improvement?

Your Training Data holds all the answers!

If you are not ready for One-on-One  coaching but but would like some insights into your current abilities to  guide your training, I will provide a full Data Analysis. 

You will need  Power and Heart Rate data for the bike and Power/Pace and Heart Rate  data for the run - Run Power will allow for a far more detailed and in depth dive into your running. 

The first step will be a conversation where I get to know you as an athlete. I will inquire about your past training and racing as well as your training and racing goals going forward. 

With that knowledge and access to your data I will perform an in depth analysis to assess your current tendencies, strengths and weaknesses, likely potential going forward,  Power/Pace/Heart Rate training zones and areas that may be holding you back and need more attention. 

I will e-mail you the complete report so you can have it and be able to review and return to it in the future. There will also be a follow-up call of up to 60 minutes where we can further discuss the results and I can answer any question you may have.

The cost is $199 for Bike + Run Analysis and $149 for Single Sport Analysis. 

If you decide to purchase 6 months of Platinum One-on-One coaching services within 3 months of your Data Analysis, your fee will be applied to your coaching.

Knowledge is power. Don't train blindly, make the most of your precious time by training in the most efficient and effective manner possible!

Call me or purchase today and start training towards your Optimal Performance.